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CinéDoc celebrates a rich variety of iconic artists, from Marlon Brando to Rita Hayworth, Frank Sinatra to Salvador Dali, Tony Bennett to Herbie Hancock; profiles an assortment of revered directors, including Bernardo Bertolucci, Stephen Frears, and David Lynch; and offers insightful glimpses into an eclectic combination of topics, airing films from "Girl 27" - a look back at the 1937 scandal MGM tried to keep a secret forever but couldn't, involving a group of underage girls tricked into going to a stag party that turned into a free-for-all, told 70 years later through the eyes of a woman who was raped at the event - to "Steal A Pencil For Me," a multi-layered high drama love story that survives both parties internment in a Nazi concentration camp.